Mr. Ramesh Nama - Founder and Managing Director

As founder and Managing Director of RVM, Mr. Ramesh oversees the extensive day-to-day operations while championing operational strategies and roadmaps for the future. He plays an advisory role on technology, innovation and quality initiatives. He has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the company. Under his able leadership, RVM registered an impressive growth rate of 300%, trebling its turnover in just three years.

Positioning RVM as a next generation infrastructure innovator, forging key partnerships, driving innovation across functions and acquiring the coveted ISO Certification are some of his key initiatives that helped transform RVM into one amongst India's fastest growing players in the infrastructure space. He diligently built a cross-functional, high- performance team committed to achieving the organization's goals and continues to play a vital role in the ongoing growth of RVM.

Mr. Vivek Nama - Director

Mr. Vivek Nama oversees Administration and Project Planning at RVM Constructions. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Structural Mechanics from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

Inspired by his father Mr. Ramesh Nama, Mr.Vivek joined the business in the year 2015. At a young age, he traveled across the length and breadth of India with Mr. Ramesh who was on duty at various project locations. During this period, he received first-hand, on-site experience on a range of large infrastructure projects including construction of roads, bridges, dams, industrial structures and T&D Lines. This enriching experience and his father's entrepreneurial vision strongly influenced his future as he decided to build a career in the infrastructure sector.

Mrs. Madhuma Rani Nama - Director

Mrs. Madhuma Rani is the wife of the founder Mr. Ramesh Nama. She oversees the HR function and is devoted to framing the company's HR policies and ensuring employee welfare. She also plays a pro-active role in ensuring adherence to Safety Standards, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment Protection through a range of other initiatives aimed at meeting the company's diverse corporate commitments.