Building the value on the foundation of quality and trust

RVM Construction pvt ltd. Is progressive,hyderabad-based infrastructure accelerater specializing in the creation of future critical assets that form the lifelines of the country. Established in 2014,the company undertakes vital construction projects across key sectors including logistics,energy,urban and infrastucture,water and waste management, Lesiure and hospitality.

Embracing innovations,adopting best practices and striving for execution benchmarks are the hallmarks that affrod preference for RVM's superior services. The company is commited to higer quality standards across project stages from design to planing, sourcing,hiring and execution. The ISO-14001:2004 certification stands testimoney to its quality commitment.Spearheaded by a visinary promoter, RVM completed several prestigious infrastructure projects till date, fortifing its engineering expertise along the way and building the resources required for undertaking very large, complex projects. RVM is actively expanding its projects portfolio as it prepares to foray into key infrastructure verticals through a combination of PPP,BOT and BOOT models.Combaining Commercial goals with social and environmental targets, RVM excited about partering Government and the private sector to give a fillip to nation building while chasing enterprice Growth.

  • Spearheaded by infrastructure veteran with pivotal project insights
  • Powered by a cross-functional team of experts with rich industry experience
  • Extensive infrastructure fleet including state-of-the-art, project-critical machinery
  • Full-spectrum capabilities to execute large and complex projects across geographies
  • Insight-led project planning and execution for improved time and cost efficiencies
  • Quality, execution and delivery benchmarks to ensure unmatched value
  • High dependability - Values-driven partner committed to time lines and contracts
  • Proven expertise from executing multiple projects for bluechip infra giants
  • Resourceful partner offering innovative engineering solutions and technical value additions
  • Focus on mutually-rewarding, long-term relationships for continuous value




At RVM, we take pride in being a team of smart people, highly skilled workforce who have unparalleled expertise and experience in the realm of construction and engineering to aid the delivery of the quality project. and innovatively streamline the construction process so as to bring in the best results. We, with our team of experts, have always been at the forefront in flawlessly executing all types of projects, be it small or big. We always strive to offer a very focused personal touch on all types of projects that we undertake


We work with all integrity. That is the quality inherent in all our work processes. All our operations are carried out in a more transparent way. We are always upfront and honest in dealings with our clients. We never believe in shortcuts and we promise to deliver only the best-in-class construction services for our customers. Whenever any client reaches us for our tailored construction services, we take this opportunity to outperform and make the client happy


We believe in doing our best, creating a way for our clients to reach their goals with our customized, scalable construction services. We take pride in working with all dedication and heartitude, innovativeness and ingeniousness to complete the project that is on par with excellence. Our clients can count on us for construction services that are tailored to perfection. We continually look for improvements. Underperforming, underachieving is never accepted at RVM.


RVM Construction is a progressive, Hyderabad-based construction firm that is known for superior management and field team. We employ best-in-class methodologies to standardize and manage the workflow. We work with the motto to craft a much more rewarding construction experience for our clients, our trade partners and everyone who is a part of the RVM. We endeavor to over deliver and never mind going that extra mile to fetch success in projects for our clients.